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Conan O’Brien breaks bad

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After last Sunday’s lackluster series finale to Showtime’s serial killer drama, “Dexter,” fans of the next dark cable drama that’s rocketing to a conclusion have every right to be a little nervous. Sure, “Breaking Bad” has been pretty much universally acclaimed, but sticking the landing on a show that’s had fans hanging on every episode is tough work.

Sometimes, as with “Dexter,” the whole thing just seems to cop out and please no one. Other times, such as with “The Sopranos,” the end just leaves you hanging. Fans of “Fringe” and “Lost” were a bit split on how they felt about the shows’ endings, but fans of “Battlestar Galactica” were practically howling from the weird, postmodern note the show ended on.

And then there’s “X Files,” which ended on a clip show. Seriously.

Still, the end of a show as voraciously consumed as “Breaking Bad,” which ends Sunday, is a pretty big occasion, and naturally there’s a lot of hype both on television and online. But probably no one scored in the media circus as well as late-night comedian Conan O’Brien, who had the cast and creator on his show Monday night for a special “Breaking Bad” episode, which began with a vision of what would happen if O’Brien was on the show:

The episode also featured a “Breaking Bad” workout program, BarrelFlex:

The Nerdist website has a roundup of all the interviews with the cast, which includes actor Bryan Cranston reading his favorite “erotic fan letter,” Cranston and O’Brien comparing scary faces, and the theory that “Breaking Bad” is the prequel to Cranston’s previous show, “Malcolm in the Middle.”

Obviously, it’s only a morsel to tide fans over until the finale. But when a show is as highly anticipated as this one, having a few distractions helps stop nervous fans from obsessing about how they’ll pull off the show’s final trick.

It’ll probably be great. But, really … the “Dexter” finale … was awful. (Victor D. Infante)



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