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Bill Burr to Conan O’Brien: Paula Deen is a $100 million whale (Video)

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For the past few days, a seemingly countless number of comedians on social media have had their way with television chef Paula Deen, who was fired by the Food Network for admitting to using the N-word and who is currently embroiled in a harassment suit, wherein the plaintiff alleges her brother sexually and racially harassed her at one of the restaurants he co-owns with Paula.

Everyone from John Oliver, to W. Kamau Bell to Deon Cole to Jay Leno has had words. But Bill Burr perhaps said it most succinctly earlier today when he filmed an appearance on Conan. It won’t air until 11 pm ET on TBS but the fine folks at Team Coco know we can’t wait to see and hear philosopher Burr in action.

Likening her to a “whale,” — in gambling terms, that’s what you call a wealthy high roller — Burr says Deen will no doubt be back on the Food Network. “She’ll make you $100 million. And she’s just sitting there on the beach,” Burr says. “And they have to figure out when is the acceptable amount of time after someone drops the N-word or admits to it, that you can bring them back on TV to make cookies.” Check out the full clip below. You won’t be disappointed.

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